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Six members of our affiliated SEA CADET UNIT, TS St. Vincent, at Brentwood in Essex have had or will soon have the benefit of our contribution to their funds by taking part in sail training and seamanship onboard TS Royalist. Each of the participants has contributed £50 to the sponsorship we have provided (£250.00 per head) for one weeks experience at sea on the ship that was launched in December 2014 for the use of the Marine Society and the Sea Cadets. 'Royalist' has a full time crew of 8 and can take up to 26 trainees at any one time.

The initial one week exercises for our six will take part in the English Channel between now and next April. However next year one of our Sea Cadets has earned a place on a Tall Ship major event, held over a two week period, when she will sail from Poland to the UK.


On Friday 23rd September 'our Unit' performed 'carpet guard' duties at Guildhall, City of London for the Sheriffs Ball. With Sea Cadets nationally being one of the charities that the Lord Mayor, Lord Jeffry Mountevans is supporting this year it is heartwarming to know that it was our unit that was chosen for this prestigious event. It is hoped that our Sea Cadet Unit will be able to provide a similar 'carpet guard' to the St George's Dinner in 2017.


On Sunday 23rd October Brentwood Sea Cadets will be providing seven Cadets as the main 'Guard' at the Annual Trafalgar Day Parade to be held in Trafalgar Square.


Held at the Royal Victoria Docks in July the National Sea Cadets Rowing Championships proved another success for Brentwood Cadets when they came second.


Between 17th and 22nd July, being one of the hottest weeks on record, 16 members of the Cadets enjoyed a busy and rewarding camp in Weymouth, Dorset.


The annual prize giving for the Unit will be on Thursday 26th January and held at TS St Vincent in Brentwood, to which the Master and other members of the Company will be invited.

Michael Wren

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