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Meeting our MA Scholars at King's

The Bowyers' Company, as part of its annual charitable giving, funds a £2,000 MA Scholarship in the History Department at King's College London, and on Tuesday 6 December the Master, Wardens and Charity Chairman were very pleased to meet over coffee at KCL both our 2015-16 Scholar, James Rowland, and our 2016-17 Scholar, Ruth Cooper.

Having initially studied German and French history, James moved on to American history; he had completed and submitted his dissertation on the the American Civil War, and was waiting to hear back. He hopes to find funding to continue on to a PhD in the same field at King's, particularly focusing on Anglo-American relations during and after the Civil War.

Ruth's topic is medieval history, the era of the Bowyers' heyday. She'll be taking a particular interest in the ethnic evolution of the Picts and Scots in the period prior to the emergence of a unified Scottish identity; we enjoyed some good conversation on that. Ruth also has a particular interest in palaeography; her ability to understand early medieval texts could be of direct interest to the Bowyers' Muniments Committee in its continuing researches of our Company history, and we agreed to set up a working session in the new year.

It's always nice to put faces to our charitable activities, and this was a particularly happy get-together with two excellent young people.

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