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Court & Livery Dinner, Cutlers' Hall 11 July

On Tuesday 11 July the Bowyers' Black-Tie Court & Livery Dinner took place in Cutlers' Hall. It was a most convivial evening with 36 members enjoying the in-house catering of the Cutlers' Hall team (the Cutlers' Beadle David Hasler is a former Royal Anglian, as is the Bowyers' Clerk, Tony Marinos).

At the Court meeting earlier that evening Nick Lawrie and William Mills had been clothed in the Livery of the Bowyers' Company, and at the Dinner, Court Assistant David Laxton, new Liveryman William Mills and Freeman Richard Bowyer spoke of their personal backgrounds and careers.

The Master's end-of-evening speech, as well as emphasising the Bowyers' charitable themes, also included warm mention of the recent friendly shotgun/longbow challenge held with the Gunmakers' Company.

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