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Guildmote 30 September

On 30th September the Master and Archery Committee Chairman attended the 28th Guildmote of the Craft Guild of Traditional Bowyers and Fletchers, a guild formed in 1987 that does the job that we used to do centuries ago. The Guildmote acts as the AGM of the Guild and does everything done at such things but is also the place where apprentices submit for approval their handiwork, either longbows or arrows. The two submissions that day were meticulously inspected by the judges (assisted by the Master, Archery Chairman and Master Fletcher) and happily passed. The presenters were then promoted to full Guild membership and achieved the title of Master.

The day was fascinating with the Guild made up of the addicts of the archery world, all of whom are characters. We relaxed among friends and greatly enjoyed the day surrounded by those characters fulfilling their roles.

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