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Bowyers' Shooting Team

Watch the video

The Bowyers' Company has an active and enthusiastic shooting team, captained by Court Assistant Duncan Samuel. They've been doing particularly well lately at the Inter-Livery Rifle & Pistol Shoot at Bisley, having come 3rd overall in 2017 and, on 1 June, coming second overall in 2018, behind (of course) the Gunmakers.

The team members at Bisley were Duncan himself plus Myles Archibald and Andrew Sharpe, seen here shooting together in the Black Powder Pistol event. The team did well across all the events, coming second or third in all four, the others being Long Range Rifle, Sniper Rifle and Target Shotgun. The short video link above shows Myles nimbly scrambling from stand to stand in the Target Shotgun.

Two Bowyers' teams also entered the annual Inter-Livery Clay Shoot at Holland & Holland back on 16 May, a huge event with 115 livery teams of four taking part. The Bowyers 'A' team of Duncan, Myles, Bill Cunningham and Adrian Walton came in the top third of the teams, and the Bowyers 'B' team of Rob Durrant, Ben Glazier, Nigel Heilpern and guest Richard Hargreaves came in the top two thirds, a respectable result. The team photo below shows (l to r) Rob, Myles, Bill, Adrian, Duncan, guest Richard, Nigel and Ben. The Master was pleased to be able to join them all for the hog-roast lunch at H&H after the shoot.

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