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The Gunmakers Challenge, 19 June

On 19th June the Bowyers Shooting Team met with the Gunmakers for our annual challenge of Shotgun and Archery at the wonderful grounds of the West London Shooting School. Each Livery Company fielded two teams of four - one team consisting of Duncan Samuel, Andrew Sharpe, Myles Archibald and, for the first time, our Gallant and Learned Clerk, Tony Marinos. The second team consisted of Ben Glazier, Adrian Walton, Mark Eyre and Mark Stretton.

The competition consists of five stands of 10 sporting birds and an archery target stand, shot with the Longbow, each with a highest possible team score of 200. While both Gunmakers teams (relatively) narrowly beat both Bowyers teams, amazingly our archery was sufficiently accurate to allow both Bowyer teams to beat both Gunmakers, the team of Ben, Adrian, the two Marks taking the top place!

Overall Top Clay Shot was our own Myles Archibald!

Top Archer was our own Mark Stretton!

Top combined bow and gun was also Mark Stretton!

Not content with taking the top slots on each the Clay Preservation award went to Tony Marinos, the Least Likely to be William Tell award went to Mark Eyre and the Wheels Came Off the Clay Shoot went to Mark Eyre!

(Needless to say, the William Tell award was not invented by a Bowyer, who would of course have known that the legendary Swiss was a Crossbowman.....)

So, overall, a clean sweep for the Bowyers!

The competition was brought to a very impressive close with a demonstration of the use of the war-bow by Mark Stretton, who annihilated the straw archery targets we had been using with medieval arrow heads on heavy shafted medieval arrows loosed from a 141 pound longbow that put into context for all present the origins of our two different but complimentary companies.

This brings to a conclusion a very successful clay season for the Bowyers, having also taken the top prize for the flush at the Inter Livery Clay Competition! Well done to the squad, and thank you to all of you for your excellent company over the year! We have added a few more to our number during the course of the year, and we very much look forward to shooting together next year. If anyone in the company is interested in joining the shooting squad, please do make yourself know to Duncan Samuel, Captain of Shooting, at the next dinner, or approach me through our Gallant and Learned Clerk.

Duncan Samuel
Shooting Captain

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