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Bowyers' Longbow Day, 28 July

In perfect summer weather at the Royal Toxophilite Society's Archers' Lodge in Burnham on 28 July, the 39th Bowyers' Longbow Plate Day attracted its largest ever attendance, with 33 gentlemen and 16 ladies enjoying a delightful day's longbow shooting. About half were Tox members, the remainder from the British Longbow Society, everyone an enthusiast; it's renowned as one of the friendliest archery meetings of the year, impeccably organised as ever by the Tox's genial Freddie Fairfield (pictured).

The 8 trophies are plates, coasters, goblets and bowls donated by various Bowyer Past Masters, which the winners get to keep for a year, in the categories of Most Hits, Highest Score, Most Golds and Best Gold, for Gentlemen and for Ladies. The gentlemen shoot the York Round (100, 80 and 60 yards) and the Ladies shoot the Double National Round (2x60 and 2x50 yards). The prizes were presented at the end of the day by the Bowyers' Master, Ian Spring, accompanied for the day by IPM Tony Kench, Upper Warden David Laxton, Court Assistant Simon Leach and Liveryman Michel Church.

The full results, incuding Freddie's report, can be viewed here>. The top awards, the Anthony Wood Plates, went to Martin Jordan with 110 hits and Jude Lane with 121 hits. The Head household was happy that evening: our Liveryman Richard Head's wife Lindsay won a trophy for Best Gold, and right at the end of the day Richard managed a dead-centre gold himself (pictured).

Tony Kench

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