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Cheque for Suited & Booted

On Tuesday afternoon 4 June a delegation of Bowyers visited the London Wall premises of the Suited & Booted charity to present our annual £1,000 cheque to the charity's Principal, Dr Maria Lenn. Our Master, Ian Spring, was joined by Renter Warden Nigel Heilpern, Charity Committee members Richard Martin (who had arranged the occasion), Michael Church and William Mills, and IPM Tony Kench.

This is the Bowyers' third year of support for this excellent small charity, which kits out some 1,500 jobseekers each year from its stock of business attire donated by City workers. It needs funding to cover its premises and operating costs, to which we are happy to make our modest contribution; it's a delightfully straightforward and successful charity, making a real difference to people's lives.

Tony Kench
Immediate Past Master

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