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Royal Hospital Chelsea Visit - August 2021

In early August Court Assistant Mark Elliott and myself together with Lt Col Bill Temminck (Through Life Care Officer for the Mercian Regiment) and Brig Peter Dennis (Regimental Secretary – Mercian Regiment) had the pleasure of visiting the two Mercian Regiment Pensioners at the Royal Hospital Chelsea at the rehearsal for the rehearsal of the Governor’s Review of the Pensioners of the Royal Hospital.

The music was provided by the Band of the Irish Guards and the Trumpeters of the Band of the Prince of Wales. Both the Mercian Pensioners took part in the parade John Byrne on foot and Jim Fellows, who is in his nineties on parade on his mobility scooter.

The inscription at the Royal Hospital says, "For the succour and relief of veterans broken by age and war", I am delighted to report that the two Mercian pensioners remain resolutely unbroken. After the parade we were delighted to have an entertaining lunch with Jim and John be regaled with stories from both of them.

David Laxton

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