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News from Suited & Booted

We were delighted to see in the 2021 New Year Honours list that the founder and director of the Suited & Booted charity, Dr Maria Lenn, has been made an MBE 'for services to unemployed in London'. We're delighted for her; it's very well-deserved recognition for all the selfless work she has put in over the past few years to building and running this extraordinarily successful small charity that kits out the unemployed for interviews and provides them with coaching.

The Bowyers' Company continues to support Suited & Booted with charitable grants each year toward its operating costs, and a number of individual Bowyers also support its various fund-raising events. The most recent has been the fourth in their series of Quiz Nights, but in separate team sessions by Zoom this time, with 30 entires including several other livery companies. The Bowyers entered our regular quiz team of Myles Archibald, Mark Benstead, Mark Eyre, Rupert Holmes, William Mills and Tony Kench, together with the Master and Upper Warden.

We're happy to report that for the fourth time in a row the Bowyers' team came out top. Our score was 84 out of 100, which included knowing between us the answer to such abstruse questions as which band recorded Magic Bus in 1968, which holiday airport has the code ACE, the postcode for Blackpool, what H&M stands for, the name of the 1644-1911 Chinese Dynasty, the capital of Armenia, what a dastar is, and which artist created the $90m sculpture 'Rabbit' in 2019.

It was fun working as a Bowyers' team online, in a very good cause, but we all look forward to being able to get back together again for real next time.

Tony Kench

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