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Arms at Isley Walton

A member of the Court of Assistants, James Wood, who died in 1625, bequeathed his manor of Isley Walton, Leicestershire, to the Company. By the terms of his will, which was proved in 1629, the income was to be used for the purchase of a new livery hall, after payment of a number of charitable donations. For whatever reason, the new hall was never acquired and the estate was sold in 1890 to Lord Donington. Following his death in 1895, the estate was acquired by his land agent, John Gillies Shields JP CC, who had lived at the Manor House since 1882. The arms of the Company can still be seen on a number of the estate buildings. These were placed by Mr Shields as a nostalgic tribute to the Company.

James Wood's generosity has not been forgotten and a silent toast to his memory is still drunk at every Livery Dinner.

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